All subscription plans include:

On-going, unlimited access to all available videos, diagrams and step by steps. In addition to our current catalog, Hybrid education also provides consistent updates including our bi-annual curated collections. Each creative collection consists of 6 new approaches (3 cut, 3 color) of creative, dynamic, salon friendly techniques, for a minimum of 12 new videos plus all related material per year.

For Individuals:

Individual plans are only $15 Per month


$150 Per year – 2 months free

For Groups:

In addition to all of the above, Group plans also include extra features and multiple dashboard options to help support your learning environment. These options include the ability for the group leader to review group member views, as well as the ability to show or hide individual media – allowing videos to be viewed  at your own decided upon pace or timeline.

 Group Costs start for as little as

$70 Per month


$700 Per year

Please feel free to reach out anytime for any questions or help: